Direct access to homeowners in your target market
Be The Sellers' First Call

DIGS is the fastest way to build market trust and brand authority

Advertisements starting at $250/quarter page

Direct Access to Homeowners in Your Target Market
Be the Agent Sellers’ Call First

The fastest way to build market trust and brand authority

Advertisements starting at $250/quarter page

 Direct Home Delivery
 Custom Designed Ads
 Delivered 2X Per Month
 Direct Home Delivery
 Custom Designed Ads
 Delivered 2X Per Month
Become the “go-to” trusted real estate advisor in your market
Build Trust
It’s true…agents who advertise in local media earn a higher share of trust in the community. 
Print & Digital
Double the impact of your marketing with the ultimate “one-two” advertising punch
Get Noticed
Increase your engagement – go where the real estate attention is being paid.
Build Your Brand
Gain recognition from homeowners so they think of you when it’s time to sell.

Advertisements starting at $250/quarter page

Let's be honest, it’s tough to make a decent living selling real estate...
  • Too many agents, not enough deals
  • Home sales have a very long sales cycle (on average 7 years)
  • Only 3% of people are "actively" in the market to buy/sell at any given time
  • ​75% of home sellers interview only 1 agent
  • ​Over 80% of all transactions are done by only 20% of the agents
  • ​Marketing is complex, expensive and time-consuming
  • ​Your income is not predictable, stable or consistent
But there is a path forward, and it starts with getting your brand in front of local homeowners in the community. Do it often and with purpose and they will notice. For over a decade, DIGS has helped real estate agents connect, inform and influence local real estate communities. By staying highly visible, agents are always top-of-mind with homeowners so they’re always in the conversation when it’s time to buy/sell.

Advertisements starting at $250/quarter page

A powerful media plan to gain instant recognition with local homeowners
Choose Your Ad Size
Our affordable ad sizes start at only $250 per quarter page ad
Choose Delivery Timeline
DIGS distributes every 2 weeks giving you 24 total marketing opportunities per year
Choose Campaign Length
Repetition is key – better to choose a smaller ad size and run at least 3-6 times
Soon you’ll be hearing, “I saw you in DIGS!” everywhere you go in the community.
Trusted by California's top agents

Why choose print media in a digitally driven marketing world?

Because it works. In fact, it has never worked better. And it’s the best way to differentiate and stand out in a digitally crowded real estate market. The fact is, 99% of agents are doing the same things digitally and expecting different results. If you change your strategy, you’ll change your results. You need to reach homeowners in a meaningful and relevant way, and that’s exactly what DIGS does.

Simple right?

Give it a try, you’re going love the results.

We love marketing real estate agents, and they love us too.

Advertisements starting at $250/quarter page

Grow Your Real Estate Business with DIGS

2 Page Spread

From $3995.00

Full Page Ad

From $795.00

Half Page Ad

From $475.00

Cover + 5 Page Article

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From $2995.00

Your DIGS media plan includes:

Advertisements starting at $250/quarter page

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Powered by: Micro Market Media, LLC | Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved