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Are You Gambling Your Success on Lousy Marketing?
  • Are you paying too much for ads that flat out don't work?
  • Are you advertising in "local newspapers?"
  • Is your marketing plan to build up organic followers?
  • You work more in the business than on the business
  • You leave your marketing in the hands of non-marketing Assistants
  • ​Your content is full of dull writing and design & looks like everyone else
  • ​You're DIY-ing it yourself?
Marketing that works isn't a guessing game anymore! 

There's a proven path forward, and it starts with getting your brand in front of local homeowners in the community on a regular basis. For over a decade, DIGS has helped real estate agents connect, inform and influence local real estate communities so they’re always in the conversation when it’s time to buy and/or sell.
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Sit back and let us do the rest! 

Reach the Right Homebuyers & Sellers with DIGS Ads

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Connect with Homeowners Like Never Before

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Trusted by California's top agents
A Proven Framework for Creating Magnetic Attraction to Your Business
Targeted Media
Real estate is local and so are the homes you sell. Reaching homeowners on a consistent basis is key to your success.
Relevant to
Your Audience
Our 100% real estate media platform ensures that your marketing will have increased attention, engagement and brand memorability.
Proven Way
to Build Trust
Agents who advertise in local media earn a higher share of trust in the community. 
Resource for Homeowners
Successful marketing always leads with value. Build authority for your real estate brand by leveraging media that is resourceful and valuable to your audience.
Soon you’ll be hearing
"I saw you in DIGS!"
Get the Results That Matter to You
Become a household name
Elevate your community status
Sell more homes

How can you take control of your real estate business and ensure steady growth year-after-year?

The market is flooded with marketing courses, lead gen tactics that don’t work, and short-cut gimmicks that are a waste of money.  The real estate industry is full of marketing imposters preaching sure-fire tactics and can’t miss lead gen strategies that only waste precious time and money.
But what do you actually need to do to grow your real estate business?
DIGS is all about giving agents an authoritative voice in the local real estate market.  We’re here to help you create and distribute your message of service to the people that matter in your business – local homeowners.
So, when it’s time to buy or sell, you can expect to get the call.

Your DIGS Media Plan Includes:
  • Custom branded creative ad design
  • Social media graphics to use on your Facebook/Instagram
  • Placement in our DIGS digital interactive edition and on
  • ​Ability to post your listings on DIGS social media channels
  • ​Options to add digital media marketing bundles for your listings
  • Premium sponsored editorial options to accelerate your community influence
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